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NCPA Award Michele's Book GreeHee The Journey of Five Tales of Tamoor Book One received the 2007 Best Juvenile Fiction Award from Northern California Publishers and Authors, this is the site.

The News Review Adventure On Every Page - The Roseburg News Review offers a whole page about Michele Avanti and her book GreeHee The Journey of Five

Vegas Review of GreeHee Here is a review from Vegas Community Online reviewer. GreeHee The Journey of Five - Tales of Tamoor Book One.

Light of Consciousness Review Winter 2008 click to view pdf file.

Radio Interviews

Listen to the latest interview with Michele on Blog Talk radio

Author Interview Live Interview with Author Michele Avanti about her book GreeHee The Journey of Five. Here she goes into detail about the story of this adolescent dragon and how he learns to love himself and come to terms with the fact that he is not like other dragons. In this interview, the author explains the basis of metaphysics which is the foundation of the book.

October Interview on My Spiritual Healer with Kriss Van Hook- The first half of the show is about GreeHee, metaphysics, why she wrote this book.

Book 2 Potemkin Coming Early 2009!
Tales Of Tamoor Book Two Potemkin Search For The Manuscript

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