About the Artist

Jane Starr Weils

Jane Starr Weils is a painter of intoxicating beauty and the hypnotic myth of bygone days. Inspired by ancient cultures and the romantic drama of the Pre-Raphaelites, Jane draws the viewer into her world of legend and magick with mesmerizing color and the thread of symbolism woven into every painting.

 Through multiple layers of watercolor, colored pencils, and sometimes gouache and ink, Jane explores the depth and richness of color evoking the enchanting dance of shadow and light.

 Self-taught for the most part, some wonderful people have influenced and inspired her. Outstanding high school art teachers imbued her with their passion and talent. During one semestar at a local college in Arizona, a brilliant art history teacher challenged and inspired Jane to take the next step in becoming the artist.

Jane's romance with the Medieval Era - it's art, peoples and legends, influence not only her painting but also her daily life. She is Celtic in blood and a fiery red- haired Lady in appearance. Jane is a member of two re-enactment clubs - Norseland, and The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

 Born in New Hampshire, Jane lived most of her adult life in the Western United States, owning and operating art galleries in Jerome and Sedona Arizona, as well as, in Silver City, New Mexico. All enchanting and inspiring places! Eventually she relocated to an idyllic setting in upstate New York. There Jane currently lives, with her three kitties and wonderful husband in a charming, hundred year old farm house by a beautiful river.

Artist Gallery

These Limited Edition Prints are available for purchase through www.JaneStarrWeils.com . (scroll down for photos)

GreeHee and The Star of Knowing

They are available as an 8x10 prints for $25.00 each.  Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. Each print is printed on acid free heavy stock paper and packaged in an acid free clear plastic sleeve with a heavy backing board. Prints are shipped flat".

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