Characters in order of Appearance:

GreeHee: Adolescent dragon, thirteen soars, son of Tereem the Terrible

Tereem: One of the most vicious dragons in Tamoor

Loni: Youngest fairy in the line of Oberlon

Beauty: The enchantment band given to female fairies at birth

Eulool: The wizard of fairies

Potemkin: A Commander in King Narsor's army

King Narsor: King of the giants

Yorkin: A male fairy, Loni's older brother

Sarolla: A young giant, Loni's chambermaid in Narsor

Liz: A Begee in the library of King Narsor

Draydel: The last wizard of the Giants, whose magic ended the Primengeer

Nadeckador: King of the Giants during the first Primengeer.

Maduk: A troll, a part of Tana

Felleen: A dragon, a part of Tana

Beastera: A bird-beast predecessor of Carrons, a part of Tana

Destoor: Deceased Prince of King Narsor

Maltor: General of the Carron forces

Bartet: A Carron Captain

Jarteen: A Carron Admiral

Paychente: A Carron doctor

Baskooto: A Carron Chef

Potsote: A Carron Corporal

Gento: A Carron Corporal

Tarktor: Architect of King Narsor's castle

Beetrea: Deceased Queen of King Narsor

Starina: Blue Roan speaking horse - Starina Ronella or Starry

Bravort: A Carron Colonel

Rant: A Carron corporal

Petri: A Carron sergeant

Tana: A being composed of three who seeks to rule Tamoor

Tyron: The strongest giant in Potemkin's troop

Pazard: A giant, Master Pastry and Saucier Chef

Bertrand: Chief Chef in Narsor's Castle

Lovely: Female giant who protects Draydel's chambers.

Bounder: Sawtooth, younger brother

Milkoor: Rookie Carron scout

King Allielt: Fairy King of Oberlon, Father to Loni and Yorkin

Marleenah: Queen of Oberlon, Mother to Loni and Yorkin

Maggin: Loni's oldest sister

Boldor: Unicorn

Hydous: A crow

Doder: A crow

Goran: A giant and uncle to Potemkin

Majesic: Merlin Elder Unicorn




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