About the Author:

Michele Avanti is an accomplished author, journalist and metaphysician. Her articles, columns and feature stories have appeared in magazines and newspapers since 1985. Michele has been both guest speaker and emcee on over 1400 radio programs across the United States.

She draws upon a wide range of life experiences, from urbanite to horse rancher, from army sergeant to New York cab driver. Michele holds two fine arts degrees, and has counseled and taught metaphysics since 1972.

This is her first of five novels in the epic fantasy “Tales of Tamoor.”

Interview with The Author:

Michele Avanti is a lover of other worlds. She has been traveling to the inner planes, as she calls them, since birth. To her Tamoor is a real place and GreeHee and Loni are real beings. No, not on earth, as she will tell you, but in Tamoor, a land before men, in a time that must be reached by inner travel - through dreams, daydreams, meditation, or conscious travel.

What was your greatest difficulty in writing the Tales of Tamoor?

“To convey to the reader all I experience. I don't only see, hear and feel GreeHee or Loni, but all the characters, their thoughts and emotions in every scene. The rules of fiction preclude my telling all!”

What are your aspirations for Tamoor?

“Well, I have quite a few. First, I'ld like fantasy lovers to visit and experience the wonder and beauty of Tamoor and the precocious nature of innocence.

We, humans, are a wonderous species at birth, but too easily filled with fear, depleted of wonder and robbed of love. If I could give anything to every person on this planet, I would toss my fairy dust and give each one the freedom to love themselves. I'm not speaking ego, but innocent joyous love. When anyone is filled with love, they're like a helium balloon, lifting everything and everyone in their path.

I hope many readers will make their vision of Tamoor into a physical form. I can see Tamoor as a video game, much like The Legend of Zelda. I have been told by my personal guides that it will be a film, and some years back, one of my dear artist friends who was a Disney animator at the time felt it was perfect material for a Disney film. I don't know if I will write the screenplay or if someone else will.

Right now, I'm developing a set of forty-eight or fifty trading cards. My fabulous artist Jane Starr Weils is gathering a group of artists to create the paintings. There are forty-six characters in the original manuscript, though some have been deleted from the book, but they will all appear in the cards. I plan to have the first run of twelve available at Faeireworlds Festival in Eugene, Oregon, July 2007.

I'm also working on the Tales of Tamoor website. There will be a section titled ‘Characters' and there you will be able to click on a character's name and learn more about them. What I cannot put in a book, I will be putting on the website. I also plan to add art for each character as the paintings are available.

The website will also have a section for artists to present their Tamooran artwork for sale and I have plans to offer other licensed items there as well.

I'm also planning a blog where readers can ask questions regarding the book or other items.

Finally, my dream is to make the website interactive where a reader can actually travel through Tamoor to visit GreeHee's cave or Castle Farion or Wizards' Web and even fly along the Crystal River or the Mystic River. I want to make Tamoor real for everyone to visit and rediscover their personal passion and love of self.

Oh, and I'm also working on a theatrical Mp3 version of the book.

You're amazing! I look forward to seeing what you create.

Why did you decide to write this tale?

“Over the decades, I've worked with literally thousands of people. I have witnessed their pain, their desire for good and the burden of their souls. This book, hopefully will give them a place to visit, to refresh their energy and to remember that a divine hand weaves all our imperfections into a magnificent tapestry. Each of us needs so desperately to learn the lesson that GreeHee learns in this book - to love yourself and in so doing - to follow your heart.”

You're passionate about this issue, why is it so important to you?

“I believe that when we are born, we are clearly driven by our soul's desire and soul is passionate. The majority of adults I see today are living to pay bills, not waking each morning vibrant with a passion for life, excited to experience the wonder and joy of being here in this amazing world. I love what I do and have lived a life filled with fascinating experiences and incredible people. I wish this for eveyone and hope that GreeHee's awakening might help some to re-align themselves with their passion.”

In the book you talk about evil, do you believe what Boldor says?

“Yes. I was raised on the inner planes (a place most people only go to in their dreamtime) to see this world as a playpen, that Creator made for us, It's beloved creations. In this safe environment we can in time, master the art of creation (or as many people call it, manifestation). Here we all have the freedom to create whatever we want, be it good or evil. But we as soul will always remain pure and protected at the highest level of creation. Does that mean that I sanction evil, no. But I realize that souls sometimes need to experience it in order to understand it. I also realize that karma is the Creator's way of teaching us - over lifetimes the value of good and the value of love.”

You have created five characters, what do they represent to you?

“Great question! Most people will not notice the thread behind these characters but they actually represent the five bodies of man. Physical, Astral, Mental, Etheric and Soul. Potemkin embodies the Physical, Yorkin, the Astral, GreeHee, the Mental, Loni the Etheric and Boldor, Soul. Each character vibrates in and out of all the levels during the story but carries a preponderance in the area I have designated. This is how we develop consciousness and self-mastery by vibrating at higher levels in each lifetime and eventually sustaining the vibration of the one above. This is the true journey of soul, so when we read about this journey it resonates with our soul, calling us home.”

I understand this is the first of five books, can you tell us more about the next one?

“The next book is titled, Potemkin In Search of The Manuscript. In it Potemkin travels with his companions to the City of Teeth to find the Manuscript hidden by Tana that reveals how to create a star. It is filled with adventure, mystery and mystical insights. “

Why are you donating a portion of the book sales to the SPCA?

“Because we need to realize that all life forms are blessed and that we - the ones with the thumbs, written language and computers - are the designated guardians for all life on our planet. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a no-kill shelter that cares for animals that have been neglected, abandoned or abused by their guardians. I pray more people will realize how important our job of steward is.”

Book 2 Potemkin Coming Early 2009!
Tales Of Tamoor Book Two Potemkin Search For The Manuscript

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